Pierre-Félix So


Junior Designer

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Pierre-Félix (otherwise known as ‘Prefix’) is a french designer who moved in London to join the Design Laboratory. He loves the cross connection between all the disciplines, and the variety of nationalities present in the lab. He don’t hesitate to put his hands on to graphic design or fashion design works.

He gained a master degree in product design from the LAAB with honours in Rennes in France in 2015 after studying product design for two years in Olivier de Serre in Paris.

He is interested about emerging technologies in the world of open sources, arduino, 3D printing, etc. As well he keeps questioning the future, with more interconnected objects and powerful technologies, he thinks about a sustainable way of living in the future, low-tech, recycling and fixing object is part of his daily life.

He is also a big fan of Lego and vintage bikes, which he spend most of his weekends restoring them.